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Louise Bridge 2021
Louise Bridge Fall 2021


Wednesday, October 14, 2021


Louise Bridge

Mr. Jim Maloway (Elmwood): I wish to present the following petition to the Legis­lative Assembly.

      The back­ground of this petition is as follows:

      (1) Over 25,000 vehicles per day cross the Louise Bridge, which has served as a vital link for vehicular traffic between northeast Winnipeg and the downtown for the last 110 years.

      (2) The current structure will undoubtedly be declared unsafe in a few years as it has deteriorated extensively, becoming functionally obsolete, subject to more frequent unplanned repairs and cannot be widened to accommodate future traffic capacity.

      (3) As far back as 2008, the City of Winnipeg city has studied where the new re­place­ment bridge should be situated.

      (4) After including the bridge re­place­ment in the City’s five-year capital budget forecast in 2009, the new bridge became a short-term construction priority in the City’s trans­por­tation master plan of 2011.

      (5) City capital and budget plans identified re­place­ment of the Louise Bridge on a site just east of the bridge and expropriated homes there on the south side of Nairn in anticipation of a 2015 start.

      (6) In 2014, the new City admin­is­tra­tion did not make use of available federal infrastructure funds, and instead decided to fund an off-the-list, low-priority Waverley Underpass.

      (7) The new Louise Bridge Com­mit­tee began its campaign to demand a new bridge, and its surveys confirmed residents wanted a new bridge beside the current bridge, with the old bridge open–kept open for local traffic.

      (8) The NDP prov­incial gov­ern­ment signed its firm commit­ment–signalled its firm commit­ment to partner with the City on replacing the Louise Bridge in its 2015 Throne Speech. Unfor­tunately, prov­incial infrastructure initiatives, such as the new Louise Bridge, came to a halt with the election of the Progressive Conservative gov­ern­ment in 2016.

      (9) More recently, the City tethered the Louise Bridge replacement issue to its new trans­por­tation master plan and eastern corridor project. Its recom­men­dations have now identified the location of the new Louise Bridge to be placed just to the west of the current bridge, not to the east as originally proposed. The city expropriation process has begun.

      We petition the Legis­lative Assembly of Manitoba as follows:

      (1) To urge the prov­incial gov­ern­ment to financially assist the City of Winnipeg on building this three-lane bridge in each direction to maintain this vital link between northeast Winnipeg and the downtown.

      (2) To urge the prov­incial gov­ern­ment to recom­mend that the City of Winnipeg keep the old bridge fully open to traffic while the new bridge is under con­struction and consider the feasibility of keeping it open for active trans­por­tation in the future.

      (3) To urge the prov­incial gov­ern­ment to financially assist the City of Winnipeg in keeping the old bridge open for active trans­por­tation.

      And this petition has been signed by many, many Manitobans.

Friday, Nov. 5, 2021 Canstar Herald Article on the Louise Bridge Replacement Issue.


Thursday, Nov. 4th & Wednesday, Nov 9th at University of Manitoba Faculty Association (UMFA) picket lines: Fighting for a Fair Deal.
November 4 & 9th, 2021

Visiting the picket lines at the University of Manitoba campuses. Top right: U of M – Bannatyne Campus, Nov 4th, with striking members of the University of Manitoba Faculty Association (UMFA). Bottom Picture: At U of M – Main Campus, Nov. 9th, with Councillor Jason Schreyer (3rd from left) and UMFA members at the University of Manitoba.

We need a government that strengthens our universities, not interferes with them. The PCs need to end Pallister’s wage freeze mandates and allow free and fair negotiations so students can finish their education and we can recruit and retrain staff.

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Jim Maloway Elmwood MLA Reports on the Louise Bridge Replacement Issue:

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Manitoba Legislative Assembly

Monday, May 10, 2021

Members’ Statements – Lead Water Pipes.

It’s time to take meaningful action on lead water pipe replacement. The Americans have identified lead water pipes as a ‘clear and present danger’. We need our government to do the same and step up and meet this important public health challenge head on.


Thursday, April 22, 2021

Petitions – Diagnostic Testing Accessibility

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Private Members’ Statement – Catalytic Converter Thefts

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Private Members’ Statements – Right-to-Repair Laws

Jim’s Private Members Statement on Right to Repair. Manitoba Legislature. March 17, 2021.
Lead Pipe Survey
Does your home have lead pipes?

Elmwood residents’ comments added.

Elmwood residents’ comments added.